We don't believe in mis-leading our guest, you are the reason we are in business. We want to earn your business by being your advocate in the health and beauty industry. Our goal is to bring you the highest quality products utilizing our information and experience, so you our guest, consumer and professional alike are guided in your purchase to grow forward. What we offer you is access at the top of the page, information that is NOT based on mis-leading you.

Ingredient glossary: Real words not made up to market a sale!
Organic Certification: Real third party proof of authenticity.
What’s IN: What you should know the others do not want you to know.
What’s OUT: What others prefer you don’t ask about.
Our Friends & Allies: These are the places we would make sure the important people in our life know how to access.
Intelligent Nutrient in the News: This tells you the current media in magazines, news coverage our products are featured in and awards we have received.

We invite you to share our success. We offer healthy products for everyone, set ups for your home and travel, corporate set up for events. Gift bags for events, if you want the best for your guest! We believe our profession is central to the connection to the planet and vital to our guests to have a stable relationship to their health and beauty needs. We believe that our seasoned careers help us serve you, the guest, better, because we are able to professionally weed out the companys that serve the selfish needs rather than put you the consumer is needs and the planets needs first. If it's not good for you is not good for the earth and our future children's needs.

Why we chose Intelligent Nutrients to be our show cased products is simple! Horst M Rechelbacher is the FIRST in the industry that focuses on nature products that work with the nature, as a salon expert he is a leader in products that out do the others in the market on being healthy and produce results. He has always been ahead of his time!

Empowerment is one of our corner stones and we are so pleased to have this chance in history to provide to with a product that serves you and provides you with an educated choice that you are getting science proven product. For you and those you care about. But most of all you’re not getting some industry vocabulary that is made to seduce you into buying from someone that has not really been transparent to you. Our glossary is formed by research and we want you to learn the truth inside the industry. Old mind sets are over powering the beauty field and are driving it into their profits.

They are not into you and your future, or children's future, better yet your grandchildren's future. What will these kids say in the future about how we made our choices? Will they say to their kids, "in the olden days my family believed that natural was better". Organic farming helped keep us from eating things that are treated with things that are designed to kill.

This is why Prestige the First was formed! We look forward to serving you and being your advocate in our professional field.

Thank you, Prestige the First the IN Team